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What I bring to the table:

  • An independent voice not beholden to any political network

  • A strong track record in public service   

  • Common sense, common courtesy, common decency

  • My abiding commitment to serve Bastrop and help shape its future

  • My insistence on a  fully inclusive and responsive local government and my experience in working toward that end

  • My expectation that public officials uphold high ethical standards and focus on their responsibilities to the entire community

What I see as our City’s most pressing needs and the primary focus of our energy:

  • Attend to the essential services, especially in the under-represented and largely under-served areas of the city:  flooding/drainage, neighborhood security and safe streets, fire response times, lighting, utility delivery and water quality

  • Work to increase the availability of local housing in Bastrop to serve the distinct needs of the young, not so young, singles and families AND at prices that are within the reach of our citizens

  • Engage citizens in their local government through more transparent and accountable City government, increased voter participation and City boards, commissions and task forces that are more representative of the community at large

  • Ensure that our quality of life and our sense of community is supported rather than undermined by growth and economic development

  • Increase the share of Bastrop City budget that is funded by sales tax revenues (fueled by tourism and local business activity) and that lessens the City’s reliance on property taxes

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