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No deep pockets, no special interests, no “stealth candidates”, no hidden agendas, no “good ole boy” network.   Pure grassroots.

Lyle’s campaign for Bastrop City Council Place 3 is run on small contributions—money, yes, to pay printing and digital media expenses, but, more importantly, it is supported by people who want stronger representation on City Council and find in Lyle the right voice for that representation.   

A sign in your yard, spreading the word among your friends, family and neighborhood, sharing Facebook postings, and other social media. Your “contribution”— joined with those of others--will make the difference in getting out the vote.

SIGNS of support:  if you would like to make a statement with a sign for your yard, just call or message Lyle’s campaign line (512-957-0855).   Please leave your name, address and phone number).

Go digital:   visit Facebook (“Lyle Nelson Bastrop”) for information on how the campaign is unfolding and what people are saying about the issues.  Like/comment/share with your digital network.  Those steps will help bring visibility and significant “lift” to this grassroots.

Lend a hand with some upcoming volunteer events:  follow Facebook for information on events and volunteer needs.  Message Lyle at 512-957-0855 or to let the campaign know of your interest in volunteering.

Take the wheel:  consider putting together a carload of friends, and neighbors and give them a lift to/from the polling location at the Courthouse annex.  

And, certainly, if you can, help us meet campaign expenses with your donation.  

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